What is a zirconia?

Would you be able to distinguish a zirconia from a diamond? Well... the truth is that it is difficult unless you are an expert and have the tools for it.

Zirconia, also called Cubic Zirconia is not a crystal, as many believe, but is an artificial stone created by man to imitate diamond. It is basically the cubic crystalline form of Zirconium oxide.

But, although physically it is practically impossible to distinguish it from the diamond under the eye of any of us (non-experts), it does have similarities and great differences with the diamond.

To begin with, the diamond is the hardest stone in nature (10 on the Mohs scale) and the zirconia has a value of 7-7.5, which is not bad at all.

Zirconia also has in its favor that it is a very durable stone and much cheaper than diamond, which is, on the other hand, the most expensive stone on the market.

The diamond weighs twice less than the zirconia, so with a suitable scale, we could easily distinguish it.

If you put a diamond in a glass of water, it will continue to shine, while the zirconia will practically become transparent.

Even so, zirconia should not be detracted from, because it is widely used in jewelry and with fantastic results. In fact, the most common is to find zircons in noble metals such as silver or gold. Regardless of the price, which undoubtedly completely changes the price of the jewel, it also has the advantage of being able to create it in numerous colors.

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