Giving rings without knowing the size... that eternal dilemma

One of the most frequent doubts when we are going to give a ring as a gift is the size, since each person is different, but the reality is that as a guide there are some patterns that can help us get it right, especially if we do not want to spoil the ring. surprise or give clues about what we have in mind.

First of all, it is important to think that if you do not hit 100% with the size, you always have the possibility of exchanging it and that will not deteriorate your surprise.

But to help you in this dilemma we are going to give you some information that can help you in your choice:

  • In Spain the most frequent ring size is 14 whenever the ring is to be worn on the ring finger, however if the finger chosen for the ring was the heart, we would go to size 16.
To understand each other better, the information that we give below will always be thinking of using the ring on the ring finger:
  • Taking into account that each woman is different, it is true that the size of clothing can give us an idea, so that for a woman who usually wears a size S, the usual ring size 12 would be
  • In the case of using a size XS, then we would be talking about a size 10 ring, which is the smallest. (This would refer to very skinny hands, almost girlish)
  • In the case of using a size M, we should go for a ring size 14 which, as we explained before, is the most common.
  • In the case of using a size L, we should go for a ring size 16.
  • And in the case of an XL or above, we should think of a ring size 18.

We would like to clarify that this is not an exact science because there are women with very thin hands regardless of their size, and also the height and complexion of each woman can influence, but it can serve as a guide if we take it as a general orientation.

But if you don't want to risk it, and you have the possibility of taking a ring that you already have and measuring it, you will find the equivalences in each of the rings in the collection.

We hope we have helped you clarify your dilemma of choosing the size of the ring.

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