Ring Sizes

One of the most common problems when giving or buying a ring is knowing the exact size so that the jewel is perfect.

Some areas of the world have their own sizing and this makes it even more complicated. For that, at The Pink Planet we have created a table of equivalences that will help you to facilitate this task. It is true that there are tables in many places, but they rarely tell us how many millimeters in circumference a finger should measure, or what diameter a ring should have (this makes it easier for us to measure on an existing ring, and not have to spoil the surprise we want to give).

In this table you will find the circumference centimeters that a finger must measure to fit a measure (depending on the part of the world in which you are). This means that if you take a tape measure (or a paper tape that you can then pass through) and measure everything around the finger on which you want to put that ring that you like (or likes) so much, you will know the measurement of the circumference and in this table you will see the number to which it belongs.

If the circumference of the finger you have measured is a few mm larger than what appears in the table, it is very important that you choose the larger size Example: the circumference measures 16.60mm, you must choose the Spanish size Nº 13, because if you choose 12, the ring will be too tight. A few mms more will not spoil the measurement, but a few mms less, if they can create a problem.

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