Barbara Rentero

Hello! I am Bárbara Rentero, Cordoba by birth and Málaga by adoption.

I am a girl with Down Syndrome, but I work hard every day to learn many things. I study and also work in a fashion store.

Together with my mother, Rafi, we are the creators of The Pink Planet.

The truth is that I did not understand very well how a business worked, but my mother explained it to me and I loved it!

For this reason, when my mother told me that she was opening an online store to sell the jewelry that she was teaching me to make at home, I told her: Mom, I want to be your partner.

I don't quite understand the word "entrepreneur" but my mother says that I am...

I take care of the shipping part, because I know how to do it very well since I am very organized and in my other job I help my colleagues with online orders.

Sometimes I tell my friends that I am the Director of Logistics (it took me a long time to learn this word, but it comes to me)

Therefore, when you receive an order, it will have been me who has prepared it with great care... and I hope you like it very much.

I am very excited about the donation that we are going to make to the Down Syndrome Association of Malaga, which is responsible for many of the good things in my life.

I hope you love everything we do. A kiss.