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Perhaps you will waltz at your wedding, if you are married, but if you haven't, imagine it for a moment: another life, a palace, a period dress and this jewel adorning your wrist.

The Viena bracelet is inspired by the ballroom dances of the 4th century. It is a joyful and fantastic jewel... How many times have we not wished we had been born in another era to be able to do things that no longer exist today!

"And then he kissed me and I thought I was dancing on the edge of fainting"
The time between seams - María Dueñas

turquoise czech glass
Miyuki crystal with 24k gold plating
Sterling silver findings with 18k gold plating
Lobster clasp in 925 Sterling Silver with 18k Gold plating
925 sterling silver extension chain with 18k gold plating

Available in several sizes, if you can't find yours write to:

How to measure your wrist to find the perfect size:
Take a tape measure and wrap around your wrist, taking into account that you must go over the prominent bone that you have in it. Add 1cm if you want the bracelet to fit snug but not too tight (this is usually the ideal measurement) however if you like it to hang slightly over your hand, you should add 2cm to your wrist measurement.)


For each item purchased at The Pink Planet we donate 5% to the Down Syndrome Association of Malaga

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